Unang Hakbang sa Pagbasa Gamit ang Marungko

By | December 8, 2022

What is Marungko Approach?
Marungko Approach was first introduced in a public elementary school in Marungko, Angat, Bulacan, devised by Nooraihan Ali  and Josefina Urbano. According to Nooraihan and Urbano, the method used is called “phono syllabic“ which is teaching of correct single sounds and the blending of sounds into syllables and words. Note that the mastery of letter sounds is very important in this approach.

How to use Marungko?
1.The first 5 lessons are as follows: m, s, a , i, oTeach each sound and form until mastery before a new sound is introduced:
a) Ask a question to which the response will elicit the target sound. You can use pictures of words beginning with m, s, a etc. depending on the current lesson.
b) Show the target letter and tell the children to sound it again as they look at the letter.
c) Show them how to write it. Ask them to write it, with the fingers in the air, on their palm, on their desks, and on paper as they give the sound.e) Mastery means they know the sound and the form of the target letter. They can give the sound and write the symbol.
2. After the first 3 sounds have been mastered, these can be combined to form words, phrases or sentences. Start blending of sounds. Every new sound is introduced with previous sounds already learned and in various combinations into words. Start blending of sounds.
3. Introduce function words that cannot be taught through the phono syllabic method as whole words e.g. ang, ng, mga, ay.
4. After the first 5 sounds have been mastered, any other sound can be taught in relation to sounds already learned.  Suggested sequence is as follows: b, e, u, t, k, l, y, n, g, ng, p, r, d, h, w.  Remember to blend only the sounds that were taught and mastered.

Unang Hakbang sa Pagbasa Gamit ang Marungko
Paalala sa mga magulang na gagamit nito. Ang TUNOG ng bawat letra ang pinakamahalaga upang matutong bumasa. Pagsamahin lamang ang mga tunog upang makabasa ng salita. Sa bawat aralin ay may dagdag na bagong letra at tunog na gagamitin sa pagbasa.
a+s+o = aso
m+a+s+a = masa

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