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Common and Proper Nouns Chart

By | December 4, 2022

Nouns are names of person, place, animal, thing and event. Nouns can be classified as common nouns and proper nouns. Common Nouns are general or non-specific names of person, place, animal, thing and event. They begin with a small letter such as mountain, boy, girl, school, actor and many more. Proper Nouns are specific names… Read More »

Antonyms Chart

By | October 8, 2022

FREE Antonyms Chart. What are antonyms? Antonyms are words with opposite meanings such as the words good and bad, push and pull, yes or no and many more. See more in this set of antonyms chart. Fun Teacher Files is a website that provides both learners and teachers with educational materials to improve literacy and numeracy. These… Read More »

Contractions Chart in English Grammar

By | January 28, 2021

FREE Contractions Chart in English Grammar. What are Contractions?Contractions are shortened forms of a words (or group of words) that omit certain letters or sounds. In most contractions, an apostrophe represents the missing letters. The most common contractions are made up of verbs, auxiliaries, or modals attached to other words.  Examples:1. I am = I’m2.… Read More »